The Gift - Arun Ghandi

The Gift - Arun Ghandi
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Anger is good. It is an energy that compels us to define what is right and wrong- Mahatma Gandhi, to his grandson, Arun

Gandhi was an icon, but what would he teach us if we knew him personally?

In The Gift, Arun Gandhi reveals his Grandfather's ten vital and extraordinary lessons, more relevant than ever.

The moving, often irreverent, story of Arun's years growing up at the iconic Sevagram ashram provides the setting for the treasured moments spent his grandfather, is an engaging and often surprising read. These memories give a rare insight into Gandhi the man behind the icon, and reveal the motivations behind his ten inspirational lessons.

Arun believes that the violence in the world today makes Gandhi's teachings more vital than ever, and The Gift places these lessons in a modern context, shedding new light on how Gandhi's principles can - and must - be applied to today's concerns.

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