Soulstice Selenite Tower T-light holder

Soulstice Selenite Tower T-light holder
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Selenite Tower candle T-light Candle holder


CLEANSING ∙ SPIRITUAL ∙ ACTIVATION                                          

Selenite is like shower for the soul. It cleans and clears your auric field and then surrounds you like a ray of sunshine so heavy energies cannot penetrate and lower your vibration. Selenite has the ability to very quickly unblock any stuck or stagnant energy, to promote a smooth flow of positive energy. A great stone for tension headaches. Selenite dissolves the energy block and aids flow. Lay Selenite on the space between your eyebrows (your third eye) for ten minutes when you actually have a headache coming on. Selenite also magnifies the the energy of any stones on it or close to it. Laying selenite along the spine can achieve energetic alignment of the chakra system, clearing stagnation in the system.                                                           Selentite stimulates all chakras 


Dimensions: 8-9cm

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