Soulstice Crystal Palmstone - Tigers Eye

Soulstice Crystal Palmstone - Tigers Eye
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Perfect as a gift or just for you, these gorgeous little stones that fit in the palm of your hand are fab next to your bed, or as part of a crystal set.


This stone keeps its user grounded and balanced in response to real life flux. A stone that is considered the “sword of logic” enabling one to face life challenges and make decisions with non judgemental acceptance. Seeing both side of the coin. Tigers eye holds a vibration of strength, creativity and motivation making it a great stone to work with when endurance, focus and motivation are needed to complete a task or in the face of fatigue or discouragement.  Tigers eye stimulates the three lower chakras. Root. Sacral & solar plexus.

Dimensions: 2 - 3cm

Our stones are natural and therefore may vary slightly in size and colour.   

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