Soulstice Crystal Palmstone - Aventurine

Soulstice Crystal Palmstone - Aventurine
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Perfect as a gift or just for you, these gorgeous little stones that fit in the palm of your hand are fab next to your bed, or as part of a crystal set.

JOY ∙ GROWTH ∙ CONFIDENCE                                                                  

A stone that holds a clear frequency of joy and optimism. Aventurine is a crystal that supports us to move forward with confidence  and good humour, enabling us to take life in our stride in time of change (perfect for new jobs, moving house, and new love. Being a stone that holds the vibration of both water and earth you are working with frequencies of balance. One feeds the other. Water also represents the mind, and earth the body. Aventurine keeps both balanced; supporting the emotional (water). Allowing for flow and a sense of movement in turbulence, helping to release old emotions and move on from being “too in ones own head”. As well as also building depleted energies in the physical (earth) to keep one grounded. Aventurine stimulates the root and heart chakras.

Dimensions: 2 - 3cm

Our stones are natural and therefore may vary slightly in size and colour.   

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