Soulstice Crystal Heart (Medium) - Opalite

Soulstice Crystal Heart (Medium) - Opalite
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Perfect as a gift or just for you. These gorgeous hearts fit perfectly in the palm of your hand as well as looking beautiful in your home. 


Opalite is in fact man made and a synthetic glass. It has a gentle but high vibration making it very much a stone for spiritual connection. This stone’s vibration works to clear and balance energy blocks from all chakras. Encouraging us to communicate and verbalise our feelings during times of change and transition. Opalite stabilises mood swings and helps to combat fatigue, not only of the day to day, but also to bring more sexual energy and stimulation to the bedroom. Opalite stimulates the third eye chakra.

Dimensions: 3 - 4cm

*Opalite is a Quartz mix that has been manmade to have this beautiful iridescent look. Even though it is essentially manmade it has the properties of the Quartz that it has been made of.

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