Soulstice Crystal Flatstone - Amethyst

Soulstice Crystal Flatstone - Amethyst
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Flat Stones are slightly larger than a palm stone and have a flat surface, as opposed to the palm stones rounded one. They are perfect as a gift or just for you, on their own or as part of a selection. 


A Protective Stone, supportive in reducing anxiety and calming frayed nerves. Amethyst is said to give rise to and  help to clear negative emotions or addictive behaviour patterns. Keep this gem on you if your aim is to manifest self control or if you are working to stay away from toxicity. and toxic behaviours……..Amethyst stimulates the Third eye and the crown chakras. 

Dimensions: Amethyst 4x5cm 

Our stones are natural and therefore may vary slightly in size and colour   

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