Soulstice Children's Crystal Kit

Soulstice Children's Crystal Kit
  • Soulstice Children's Crystal Kit
  • Soulstice Children's Crystal Kit
  • Soulstice Children's Crystal Kit
  • Soulstice Children's Crystal Kit
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These beautiful crystal pouches contain an Amethyst tumblestone, a piece of raw Tourmaline and a children's size crystal bracelet.

A wonderful fun gift and can also help with anxious times for children.




A Protective Stone, supportive in reducing anxiety and calming frayed nerves. Amethyst is said to give rise to and  help to clear negative emotions or addictive behaviour patterns. Keep this gem on you if your aim is to manifest self control or if you are working to stay away from toxicity. and toxic behaviours……..                                                   Amethyst stimulates the Third eye and the crown chakras




The ultimate grounding stone. This stone is like an auric vacuum; clearing ones surroundings of imbalance and toxicity. Keep a black tourmaline on you to keep negative thinking at bay and curb anxiety. Because black tourmaline transmutes negative energies it works brilliantly to pull toxins from the system and energetic waste from the body such as wifi toxicity and environmental pollutants.                            Black tourmaline stimulates the root chakra.



STABILIZATION. STRENGTH. VITALITY.                                               

Use red jasper to enhance physical endurance and stamina. Over time this stone with strengthen the users connection to their root chakra and increase energy levels in the subtle bodies. This stone has a slow vibration that imbeds gradually but the results of such slow stabilisation hold a permanence and a down to earth, grounded frequency.                Red Jasper stimulates the Root chakra.



CLEANSING. CLARITY. HEALING. VITALITY                                       The master crystal. the stone to activate clarity and vitality. An amplifier of all and any other crystals it may be placed near, which can be super helpful if placed close to smaller stones with a smaller energy torus.

Not only does Clear quartz amplify crystal energy, It also stimulates our own energy systems which is why it is such a great stone to use during manifestation meditation work. Use this stone to hold positive manifestation. Quartz is highly programmable (think watches, computers etc,,,,, all made with quartz chips). This stone can be programmed to hold all your thoughts and desires. Meditate with it regularly to bring these energies into life and physical form.

On a physical level, having a clear quartz in your space will work to detoxify and clear your physical and auric system. Ridding the body of physical and emotional heaviness and aiding mental clarity and vitality.

Clear quartz stimulates & aligns all chakras.



MEMORY. CLARITY. MENTAL BALANCE.                                        

known as the stone of the mind; stimulating mental enhancement, clarity and supporting brain chemistry. Fluorite balances both the right and left hemisphere of the brain

Fluorite aids concentration, learning and memorisation; bringing into focus will and determination to complete tasks and goals with a clear mind, dispelling confusion and brain fog.

A stone that works with all Chakras.

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