Soulstice Crystal Point - Tourmalinated Quartz

Soulstice Crystal Point - Tourmalinated Quartz
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Crystal points are said to be powerful healing tools, with the energy radiating out of the point raising the vibration of the location that it stands in. 

PROTECTION ∙ CLARITY ∙ GROUNDING                                                

This stone is like a double whammy of clarity and protection. For all the power that quartz holds to amplify energy, tourmaline does to purify energy. So if a quartz can amplify all energies, this can at times include toxic vibrations. With the black tourmaline inclusions this means that all toxic energies are purified. Tourmilated quartz is like a true protective bubble. clearing all bad vibes and restoring balance and well being. This stone holds the full spectrum of electromagnetic energy from lowest, black tourmaline, to highest, clear quartz. Holding all these frequencies ensures the body & aura receives all the vibration needed for balance and health. Clearing any stagnancy in the body and establishing clear flow, encouraging the sensations of being both grounded but with emotional clarity. Tourmilated quartz stimulates all the chakras.                                                                                                                                                    

Dimensions: H6cm x W4cm

Our stones are natural and therefore may vary slightly in size and colour   


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