Soulstice Crystal Geode Pair - Quartz

Soulstice Crystal Geode Pair - Quartz
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These Quartz Geode Pairs are beautiful to display open. A fab piece for your home and a great talking point given the original state it closes back in to. These also make a gorgeous special gift.

CLEANSING ∙ CLARITY ∙ HEALING ∙ VITALITY                                      

The master crystal. the stone to activate clarity and vitality. An amplifier of all and any other crystals it may be placed near, which can be super helpful if placed close to smaller stones with a smaller energy torus. Not only does Clear quartz amplify crystal energy, It also stimulates our own energy systems which is why it is such a great stone to use during manifestation meditation work. Use this stone to hold positive manifestation. Quartz is highly programmable (think watches, computers etc,,,,, all made with quartz chips). This stone can be programmed to hold all your thoughts and desires. Meditate with it regularly to bring these energies into life and physical form. On a physical level, having a clear quartz in your space will work to detoxify and clear your physical and auric system. Ridding the body of physical and emotional heaviness and aiding mental clarity and vitality. Clear quartz stimulates & aligns all chakras.

Dimensions: approx 8cm when closed together

Our stones are natural and therefore may vary slightly in size and colour.   


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