Nobodinoz Mozart Waterproof Changing Pad - Aqua

Nobodinoz Mozart Waterproof Changing Pad - Aqua
£11.00 £30.00

The Mozart changing pad litteraly bends over backwards to please both practical and stylish moms and makes diaper changing an easy task.
Comfortable for your baby thanks to its bi-material fluff (waterproof plastic and honeycomb texture), it is also really easy to wash and dry.
Plus, it owns another artful thrust: a zipped pocket where you can stock baby wipes.
Light, elegant and practical, the Mozart changing pad sings in unison with the Opera maternity bag, fitting perfectly inside, along with the Diva vanity case.

• Golden elastic ribbon to hold it with ease.
• Waterproof lining feeling.
• Easy to wash, bend and stock.

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