Soulstice Crystal Rough - Fluorite

Soulstice Crystal Rough - Fluorite
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Soulstice Rough Crystals are in their natural state and really quite beautiful to hold. The energy that radiates from them is something quite special as you imagine them in the deep caves towards the centre of the earth.

MEMORY ∙ CLARITY ∙ MENTAL BALANCE                     

Known as the stone of the mind; stimulating mental enhancement, clarity and supporting brain chemistry. Fluorite balances both the right and left hemisphere of the brain. Fluorite aids concentration, learning and memorisation; bringing into focus will and determination to complete tasks and goals with a clear mind, dispelling confusion and brain fog. A stone that works with all Chakras.

Dimensions: Approx 6cm x 5cm

Our stones are natural and therefore may vary slightly in size and colour  

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