Decadorn Crystal Wellbeing Kit - Confidence (Inner Beauty)

Decadorn Crystal Wellbeing Kit - Confidence (Inner Beauty)
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Five crystals to help encourage confidence and inner beauty, with a little help from the earths crystals. Keep them close whenever you need a little boost of self esteem.

Dark Green Emerald - Symbolises glowing, radiant health

Pyrite - (Metallic)  The stone of self confidence, perfectly imperfect

Rainbow Moonstone - Intensifies you feminine energy

Rose Quartz- Place on your bedside table, surround yourself with love

White selenite - Aura cleansing, keep in the bathroom for an extra daily cleanse

Place your crystals on a shelf or windowsill in the daylight and moonlight for 24 hours to cleanse and charge.

Please Note. We always try to select the best quality gemstones in terms of colour and celebrate the uniqueness of each stone and therefore they may vary slightly in sizes, shape, and colour to those photographed. 

Packaging. Each kit comes complete with a protective Decadorn pouch, gift box, and stone card with gift ribbon

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