Decadorn Amulet Droplet Necklace - Labradorite

Decadorn Amulet Droplet Necklace - Labradorite
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A miniature faceted droplet gemstone pendant, dipped in gold suspended on a delicate satellite chain. 

Labradorite's base colour is dark grey, but when it catches the light, flashes of iridescent colour appear.

"It is a stone of strong inter-dimensional vibration. Working with laboradite will support you in waking your internal “magical powers”, Heightening any clairvoyance, telepathy or past life recall that is looking to surface. All humans hold these magical abilities but it is in heightening this vibration of the connectedness of us to the outer dimensions that we really open ourselves up to these adventures. These links are seen often in “coincidences” “synchronicity” and “serendipity”. The understanding that nothing is an accident, and everything happens for a reason. Laboradite’s wild elemental frequency takes us on this journey of learning what is hiding subconsciously within us and how deeply connected to the universe we are. Laboradite stimulates all chakras".


  • Mini faceted Labradorite semi-precious stone
  • Pendant dipped in 18ct gold
  • Pendant approximately 10mm 
  • Suspended on delicate 16 inch, satellite 22 ct gold dipped chain

Packaging: Gift wrapped in tissue paper and presented in a Decadorn branded soft gift pouch Naturally sourced, each semi-precious stone will vary slightly from those pictured, making each necklace every bit unique.

Please Note: When not being worn, store your jewellery in the pouch or box that it came in. This will minimise the effects of sunlight and the environment. Please avoid all contact with water, body lotions, perfumes, sun creams, cleaning products and makeup as these may affect the plating.

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