Decadorn Bar Pendant - Dalmation Jasper

Decadorn Bar Pendant - Dalmation Jasper
  • Decadorn Bar Pendant - Dalmation Jasper
  • Decadorn Bar Pendant - Dalmation Jasper
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A stunning and unique statement bar shaped pendant, hand carved from a solid piece of Dalmatian Jasper. The natural dots of black and brown spots of iron oxide and tourmaline make truly stunning and unique marking. The natural stone is sliced and polished into a miniature bar shape, then dipped in 18ct gold.
"This is a stone to get moving. Seeing and taking direction with with a sense of presence and a childlike joy. The black spots in the stone are Black Tourmaline that hold a vibration of protection and stability allowing one to trust the process, break down existing emotional barriers that may have been standing in the way and move forward without feelings of discouragement; seeing any bumps along the way as positives for growth over negatives.
Dalmation jasper stimulates the root and the solar plexus chakras".


  • Natural Dalmatian Jasper hand carved bar pendant
  • Pendant dipped in 18ct gold
  • Suspended on 24" gold dipped 22ct chain
  • Pendant 35mm drop

Packaging: Gift wrapped in tissue paper and presented in a Decadorn branded gift pouch

Please Note: Naturally sourced from Brazil, each semi-precious stone will vary slightly from those pictured, making each pendant every bit unique.

When not being worn, store your jewellery in the pouch or box that it came in. This will minimise the effects of sunlight and the environment. Please avoid all contact with water, body lotions, perfumes, sun creams, cleaning products and make up as these will affect the plating.

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