Due to the first lockdown we unfortunately had to close our shop. We hope to open again in the future. Thankyou for all you support and orders. Due to the first lockdown we unfortunately had to close our shop. We hope to open again in the future. Thankyou for all you support and orders.

Soulstice Crystal Water Bottle (Various crystals)

Soulstice Crystal Water Bottle (Various crystals)
  • Soulstice Crystal Water Bottle (Various crystals)
  • Soulstice Crystal Water Bottle (Various crystals)
  • Soulstice Crystal Water Bottle (Various crystals)
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Crystals all have their own vibrations and frequency, these can affect the air around them, similar to how an energetic, hyper friend or a chilled friend can have an effect on you. The same is believed to be for the water that a crystal is in.

Soulstice have designed a water bottle using a selection of some of yours and our favourite crystals. The Crystal is interchangeable depending on your mood or intention, with each Crystal Chamber available to buy separately.

Available with a bamboo lid and base, or a stainless steel lid and base. Each bottle comes with a protective grey sleeve.

The bamboo lid and base bring a warmth to these healing bottles...and also look pretty darn fab too! 

Available in Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz, Aventurine, Labradorite, Smokey Quartz, 



A Protective Stone, supportive in reducing anxiety and calming frayed nerves. Amethyst is said to give rise to and  help to clear negative emotions or addictive behaviour patterns. Keep this gem on you if your aim is to manifest self control or if you are working to stay away from toxicity. and toxic behaviours……..                                                   Amethyst stimulates the Third eye and the crown chakras



A stone that holds a clear frequency of joy and optimism. Aventurine is a crystal that supports us to move forward with confidence  and good humour, enabling us to take life in our stride in time of change (perfect for new jobs, moving house, and new love.                                                 Being a stone that holds the vibration of both water and earth you are working with frequencies of balance. One feeds the other. Water also represents the mind, and earth the body. Aventurine keeps both balanced; supporting the emotional (water). Allowing for flow and a sense of movement in turbulence, helping to release old emotions and move on from being “too in ones own head”. As well as also building depleted energies in the physical (earth) to keep one grounded…..                                                     Aventurine stimulates the root and heart chakras



A powerful stone of personal will, mental clarity and manifestation. This stone stimulates optimism and decisiveness creating a vibration of strength to make tough choices if needed with confidence and clarity. Dispelling emotional heaviness leaving a clearer more confident mind space.                                                                                                  Citrine stimulates the Sacral chakra



The master crystal. the stone to activate clarity and vitality. An amplifier of all and any other crystals it may be placed near, which can be super helpful if placed close to smaller stones with a smaller energy torus. Not only does Clear quartz amplify crystal energy, It also stimulates our own energy systems which is why it is such a great stone to use during manifestation meditation work. Use this stone to hold positive manifestation. Quartz is highly programmable (think watches, computers etc,,,,, all made with quartz chips). This stone can be programmed to hold all your thoughts and desires. Meditate with it regularly to bring these energies into life and physical form. On a physical level, having a clear quartz in your space will work to detoxify and clear your physical and auric system. Ridding the body of physical and emotional heaviness and aiding mental clarity and vitality. Clear quartz stimulates & aligns all chakras.



Labradorite is a stone of strong inter-dimensional vibration. Working with labradorite will support you in waking your internal “magical powers”, Heightening any clairvoyance, telepathy or past life recall that is looking to surface. All humans hold these magical abilities but it is in heightening this vibtriaon of the connectedness of us to the outer dimensions that we really open ourselves up to these adventures. These links are seen often in “coincidences” “synchronicity” and “serendipity”. The understanding that nothing is an accident, and everything happens for a reason.            Labradorite’s wild elemental frequency takes us on this journey of learning what is hiding subconsciously within us and how deeply connected to the universe we are.                                                                                          Labradorite stimulates all chakras



A crystal that is in fact a glass. This is a strong grounding stone with a strong reflective vibration. A powerful emotional teacher, this stone leads its user towards seeing ones own behaviour and how they may effect a given situation. Bringing light to negative behavioural patterns where responsibility for ones own healing can take place. Obsidian’s grounding energy is highly protective, sealing the aura and removing energetic attachments that are unwanted and unhelpful. Obsidian stimulates the root chakra.



One of the most famous and widely used stones on our planet. Rose quartz is famous for stimulating the vibration of love for the self and for others. Using rose quartz will increase feelings of compassion for your path as well as having compassion for those around you. A feminine energy that gently works to open the heart, dissolving blockages to allow more flow up towards the throat for free communication and understanding. Rose quartz stimulates the heart chakra



Smokey Quartz is a gentle grounding stone. It cleanses the physical and auric fields and dissolves electromagnetic smog in the surrounding environment. Smokey quartz is know to balance emotions, reduce anxiety and transmute negativity. Smokey quartz stimulates the root chakra.



This stone is like a double whammy of clarity and protection. For all the power that quartz holds to amplify energy, tourmaline does to purify energy. So if a quartz can amplify all energies, this can at times include toxic vibrations. With the black tourmaline inclusions this means that all toxic energies are purified. Tourmilated quartz is like a true protective bubble. clearing all bad vibes and restoring balance and well being. This stone holds the full spectrum of electromagnetic energy from lowest, black tourmaline, to highest, clear quartz. Holding all these frequencies ensures the body & aura receives all the vibration needed for balance and health. Clearing any stagnancy in the body and establishing clear flow, encouraging the sensations of being both grounded but with emotional clarity                                                                                        Tourmilated quartz stimulates all the chakras.                                                                                     

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