• The Soul Enriching Sea

    Why is it that we sleep better by The Sea? Our skin is clearer, we have more energy and our Soul feels nourished.

    The benefits of being near the sea have been felt since the ancient times. What is now known as Thalassotherapy was practiced by the Greeks and Romans (thelassa meaning sea and therapia meaning treatment). The salt was used to exfoliate the skin and warm sea water baths to relax the body and mind. The modern day is seeing a return of these sea water treatments with experiences like flotation pods, where an hour in one is said to be the equivalent of an 8 hour sleep!

    The salt in the sea air is charged with healthy negative ions which accelerate our ability to absorb more oxygen, resulting in us feeling more energised. These negative ions also help to balance our serotonin levels, a chemical which is linked to our mood and our ability to guard against stress and depression.

    Natures sounds have a way of affecting a person in a different way to manmade noise. The beautiful flow of the sound of the wind, the rustling in the trees, even the sound of thunder feels exciting. The sound of the waves softly calms the mind with some saying that the sea has a similar sound to what a baby hears in its mothers womb. The slow eb and flow mimicking the rocking back and forth.

    Mother Nature feeding the Soul