• Natural Multi-Purpose Homemade House Cleaner

    Making better choices for your body and the environment doesn't mean that you have to scrimp on design...or in this case smell!

    A lot of recipes for home-made cleaners can leave you with such a strong vinegar smell. As much as we want to use less chemicals in our lives, I'm sure we don't want to go around smelling of vinegar 24/7.

    We have the answer....it may take longer to make, but once you're on a roll you will have a constant supply of delicious smelling, non-toxic household cleaner.


    5-8 Lemons (specifically the peels)

    White Vinegar

    Glass Jar

    Spray Bottle

    Peel the lemons, with as little white pith as possible as this can cause the solution to become a bit sticky.

    Put all the peel in a jar and fill with the white vinegar. Seal the jar and set aside for 2-3 weeks. This length of time allows for the vinegar smell to completely disappear.

    After 2-3 weeks your natural house cleaner will be ready!

    Fill a spray bottle 50/50 with solution and water and use.